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S or C shape of the back, Uneven shoulders, Uneven hip position, Waist asymmetry Head not centered with the rest of the body, Large bony prominence on the back.
Setting Scoliosis straight - One curve that you don’t want…
Salient features
We treat scoliosis in all age groups starting from 1 year of age till the very advanced age scoliosis. All kinds of scoliosis including idiopathic, congenital, neuromuscular, degenerative and syndromic scoliosis can be treated.
With neuromonitoring, we are able to continuously monitor the nerves and muscles during surgery, which has almost nullified the risk of paralysis. With autotransfusion and cell saver techniques, patient’s own blood able to support the surgery with rare need for additional blood transfusion. Team approach, team comprising of fellowship trained spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, pediatric intensivists, physiotherapists and orthotists.
Magec (Magnetic growing rods) introduced, which obviates the need for multiple surgeries in young scoliotic patients.


Other spine services offered

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Get rid of the unwanted curve. Lead a better life!



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